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Most coolest and most unique instrument in the World

Since ancient times people try to create different types of vehicles or transportation equipment to facilitate movement from one place to another. Current needs of others helped inspire the existing means of transportation, here are 6 media personal transportation the most unique and innovative, even some of them seemingly impossible to get moving.

1. Powerisers

Price: $ 187

Poweriser is the dream of a super hero wannabe. This is a clever system of spring shoes, became a kind of bionic leg extension. This allows the wearer to run at super speed, jump over small trees, even a couple of feet in the air somersaults.

2. AquaSkipper

Price: $ 499

AquaSkipper is an innovative way to travel over water. Instead of traveling through the water in the boat or jet ski, Aquaskipper get the power of motion and two pairs of fins. Basically, this device is a form of wing in the water who runs a human-powered, driven dengann way of jumping right above the fins. The movement causes the fins to move to jump back and forth in waves, similar to the effects of dorsal fins of dolphins as they perform tricks while gliding on the water surface. Its speed can reach 17 mph.

3. Magic Wheel

Price: $ 149

Magic Wheel is a combination of skateboard, unicycle, and roller blade. Making it a lively and practical. The size of a briefcase and weighs no more than 14 kilograms. Thanks to a balanced design, it is not difficult to maneuver using the Magic Wheel as you imagine.

4. Personal hovercraft

Price: $ 500

How it works Hovercraft is the pressure of the air through an electric motor / gas. This creates a cushion of air at the bottom, which causes the hovercraft can float. Hovercraft can be steered in all fields, ranging from snow, asphalt, until the sand.

5. Trikke scooter

Price: $ 199

A Trikke Scooter basically works as a combination of scooter and skate. Trikke is driven by motorists who make the swinging motion from side to side, causing both rear wheels spin. This movement then led to some form of Newton's laws would apply, and this tool magically move forward. Trikke can be directed only by tilting your body and wheels will be heading where you want to go.

6. Velomobile

Price: $ 4,000

Velomobile is basically a three-wheeled bicycle (Velo means bicycle in French language) which has a protective body like a car, the outer layer protects the rider from harsh elements like rain, snow, and hail. Some recent models have also been designed with a storage area.

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