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Shelving - Shelving World's Most Unique Books

Shelving - Shelving World's most unique Books

Almost in every house must have a shelf of books. Many shelves are also made ​​luxurious as furniture that can beautify a home decorating especially new housing. Usually the people who buy new homes want all the new furniture as well. For a longer build new homes, please see the shelves of books that are very unique and cool. Who knows could be applied in your home.

Wardrobe Comics

Wardrobe works Tangram consists of seven basic shapes such as triangles, squares, and so on. By combining the seven basic forms, you can get bookshelves are very creative to your taste.

Cupboard Map

Ron Arad's bookcase is a bookcase-shaped map of the United States, truly unique

Pacman cabinets

Still remember pacman games are very popular in the late 80s

Shaped Stairs Cupboard

This is the truth of the stairs and the ladder is the ladder that used to go to the bedroom. This is the work of the stairs cupboard Levitate domiciled in London, England.

Wardrobe Book Cave

Sakura Adachi's work, this bookcase is very unique because it provides a place like a cave as a place to read a book

Wardrobe Book Seat

Predication of a chair which can be occupied. Save space and spacious apartments suitable to its very limited.

Cupboard Cartoon Books

Vincent Thomas Leman's work is reminiscent of the objects in the cartoon movie Alice in Wonderland

Wardrobe Books Combined With Beds

The bed is made ​​in such a way that fits with a bookcase and is perfect for the apartment also has a limited area.

Wardrobe Book Coffin

Morbid's work is as humor, but how many people are willing to buy it? See it wrote scary.

Wardrobe Book Reversed

This book shelf is quite unique in that it reversed but his books can still be dependent. Even more interesting, the books that truth can be taken and dibalikin again as usual bookcase that is not inverted.

Wardrobe Book a teeter totter

Surely you've played a teeter totter at your childhood and thus the concept of the book shelves that have kept his balance.

Wardrobe Book Spiral

Seb Larua Przd a photographer. These cabinets will look like a photograph but is the truth bookcase.

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