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As animals Accused Spy

Bird Nasar

Saudi Arabia has recently accused the vultures as a spy after he was found carrying a wrist transmitter that is placed at the foot of Israel University scientists. The researchers reasoned that the tagging was used to study migration patterns.


In the 1960s, the CIA reported to have surgery to insert a microphone and transmitter into a cat, a project dubbed "Acoustic Kitty." Former CIA officer Victor Marchetti told The Telegraph about the project. "To dissect a cat, put batteries in him, wired. The tail is used as an antenna, they create an evil .. "The cat's first cable, according to the Guardian, released to spy on and with only a few steps toward the target before the cat was hit by a taxi. and the CIA concluded that the project is not practical to collect data - data intelligence.


Iranian police reportedly arrested 14 squirrels on spying allegations in 2007. According to Mental Floss, foreign intelligence services found that the squirrels have been equipped with equipment to eavesdrop. "Meanwhile, Foreign source told Sky News reported that" the story is ridiculous. "


Iran claims to have found "spy pigeons' near nuclear facilities in 2008. This allegation is not the first of its kind. According to Wired, the carrier pigeon camera might have been there since 1903, when a German engineer to experiment with the idea. Pigeons have played a role in the war was so strong that I, a pigeon Cher Ami, won a medal for saving the lives of U.S. soldiers during World War I. And how to spy pigeons can be disabled? World in World War II, Britain used two peregrine eagle dove to intercept German spy, and some reported success.

Sea lions and Dolphins

The U.S. Navy has recruited sea lions and dolphins to the Marine Mammal Program. It seems the military is not inspired by the irony of recruitment "Navy Seal," but rather these animals for their ability to hear and see under the water with low light. Thus, mammals have been trained to sweep for mines, carrying a camera, and even cuff the suspect under water. Animal Compassionate groups objected to use of these animals in combat. "War is to man as the people and political parties can decide the war is necessary, animals can not," said Dawn Carr of the Society for Ethical Treatment of Animals at the BBC.


Eagles suspected of spying for India after officials found a bird carrying what looks like a high-tech equipment for the surveillance. According to the BBC, India initially suspect it's the eagle eyes of Pakistan, a senior police officer explained, he stated that the birds were only used to assist in hunting expedition. ith other words, the Eagle was spying, but in other birds, not people.


The scientists reported experimenting with insects for surveillance. Telegraph explains that the electrodes, batteries, and video cameras are being installed to the insects. U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is working to put the transmitter into the brain with moths and beetles as a cocoon. It is believed that the creature will naturally incorporate implants into their bodies as they develop.


Perhaps ironically dubbed Operation "KFC," is an abbreviation of the Kuwaiti Field Chicken, when U.S. troops plan to use the chicken during the battle, the BBC reported. The plan is the chicken will be used to detect toxic gases, but the 41 animals died of disease in the Gulf within 1 week interval didatangkan.Tampaknya After that Colonel Sanders KFC could still use a name for himself.

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