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The phenomenon of Magical Painting Derelict (The Hand Resist Him)

It is said that in this world there is a cursed painting. This news had spread all over the world since the first, the title of his painting 'The Hand Resist Him' (THRH).

THRH or also known as the eBay Haunted Painting is a painting made ​​by Bill Stoneham in 1972 epidemic, in this painting, he depicts a small child standing in front of a glass door with her ​​dolls, many hands in the door that sticks.

According to Bill, the little boy in the painting is himself at the age of 5 years, the door is a gap between real world and the dream world and the doll itself as a guide who escorted the little boy. While the hands are stuck to the door depict the life of another.

This painting started to become 'Urband legend' since in posting to eBay in February 2000. The painting was first exhibited in the Gallery in Los Angeles in the 1970s, THRH finally fell to the actor John Marley, he is best known for his role as Jack Woltz in The Godfather.

After Marley died, the painting continued to change hands in California, until finally met at the auction.

THRH appear on the auction site eBay in February 2000. According to the seller, the painting brought a curse. He said if the characters in the painting moved during the night, and sometimes missing from the picture into the house in the painting.

Whose name is unknown seller also says that the doll character threatened her male characters with the object which he held, this makes the character of the man left the painting. He also said if he was not responsible for what happens next AAMA THRH buyers.

The news spread quickly on the internet, according to people who have seen this painting, they feel uncomfortable and scared after seeing this painting. On eBay alone painting is seen as many as 30 thousand times.

With a starting bid only $ 199, THRH successfully sold $ 1.025. The buyer, a gallery owner in Grand Rapids, Michigan, contacted Bill Stoneham associated with horror at the painting and spooky description on eBay. He said he was surprised by all the strange stories and interpretations of the painting.

Bill also said that if the owner of the gallery which was first exhibited THRH and critics who criticize this painting died less than a year after contact with this painting.

Bill is also a sequel of the painting whose title Resistance at the Threshold, which is also visible mystery.

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