Jumat, 02 Maret 2012

Sleep First found place in the World

Human instinct to provide comfort to him it had been going on since several thousand years ago. Although the human race once had life by moving or nomadic, they are still thinking about how comfortable they are at rest - especially during sleep.

Scientists have found preliminary evidence that the bed is made from the stems and leaves are compacted in a rock shelter in South Africa.

There are at least three different layers in the mattress is made ​​as listed on the site Sibudu. The mattress was abandoned by the people who lived about 38,000 and 77,000 years ago.

The scientists also found another place to sleep that contain insecticide chemicals that make them protected from the interference of mosquitoes.

Has previously found the oldest beds are preserved. Consists of fossil stems and leaves are covered by a layer of leaves as thin as paper. But the evidence is newly discovered bed has age 50,000 years older than the discovery of the first bed.

The analysis is then obtained is that the bed the historic period many modifications and periodically burn their beds as a way to eliminate pests.

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