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The mystery of the Magic City Uwentira in Palu

Stories about community keberadaa "genie" Uwentira circulated widely enough among the people of Palu. Hearing the word Uwentira or Wentira, they refer to the story, a story or myth about the existence of communities that are invisible. Few people can see it even being able to communicate with citizens Uwentira that often arise even in the markets in Palu and surrounding areas. Wentira this region by the paranormal in Indonesia, is known as one of the most haunted in all corners of the archipelago
In order to answer the curiosity of many visitors, I wanted to share my story of three friends following. I know because they happen to meet in person.

A. Dase Sulwan story
To Wentira (written Uwentira), so the people of this community called the Hammer. Located disebuah named Wentira region. To call this ancient Toraja people Wae Ntira. According to some friends to tell their experiences when meeting with orang2 To Wentira. He said, we seem to oscillate between the real world and cyberspace, rationality, and the supernatural. Confusion mingled astonishment. Between trust and distrust.

According to those who have been to the "City Wentira", a very modern city, with extraordinary peradabana. All types of vehicles were there (including MRT). Prosperous society and the department is located. The problem is, the entrance to the city. Almost no one else can menjelaskn exactly the location of the driveway. some explained that the entrance degan two-wheeler and a car is through a covered bridge. The bridge is actually a bridge spanning a river. Logically, if we go to the end of one must be able to arrive at the other end. But something strange happened. Kadang2 when a car enters the bridge, the car ill never again be out at the other end. A few days later, let the motorist was told that they had just returned from Wentira City, where everything is there.

Wow ... the problem, in which part of the bridge which became the entrance? For tsb car when entering the bridge, simply disappeared from sight .... When I was asked to be some friends who had been there, said it was very unusual. But who dares to cut no longer there ...

2. LES story Kala'tiku
I remember a strange incident that I heard from my own father. At that time Father had a project in the region where wentira. jalan2 intention on the bridge anyway, but fitting into the mouth of the bridge project by a friend that used car, truck driver friend of mine and lost tiba2 seakan2 swallow the bridge. frankly it does not make sense but the fact occurred. but dear friends sya this office does not want to tell the pack so to be honest I was also intrigued by the story of my friend who said the city was unusually modern. well between reality and fiction ..

3. PS testimony Patandung
To wentira according to Kaili (native tribe in Central Sulawesi) are around the coffee plantation (Jl shaft tawaeli - Toboli) in the way of the shaft there is a bridge that still exist today. It was said, was made in the Netherlands. Beside it was a bridge concrete bridge that is used in the 1980s is said every vehicle through which the light must give the code or at least excuse the horn as a signal coming through.

I have several times passed the Coffee Plantation is touted last two friends. This area is known to be quite heavy, uphill with a sharp slope. Not to mention frequent Longsong. The bridge is still there, and even now there is a monument bearing the yellow UWENTIRA why. Why in Kaili means Village, State or City. Uwentira means invisible. So why UWENTIA means UWENTIRA City.

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