Jumat, 02 Maret 2012

Chef Australia Breaks Record Set Top Cake Dadar

Andy Wróbel, a chef from Australia managed to carve his name into the book world record after Tuesday (21/02) managed to claim the title for the stack of pancakes (pancakes) in the world.
Wróbel managed to break the previous record which was created in Croatia in 2008 ago after he managed to accumulate 60 pieces of pancakes as high as 76 cm, at the Pancake Parlour, Melbourne.
Although this pancake tower finally collapsed, but it happened after the record was confirmed by officials from Guinness World Records.
The chef has been making pancakes more than 100,000 pieces each year, a popular restaurant in Australia where he has worked for over 25 years.
"In the past year we have to try and reach a height of 61 centimeters, and it's not good enough. When trying again this year, we actually managed to do it. "Said Wróbel.
"To create a world record, we have a lot of practice, and spent about 50 hours, and may have used a quarter of a ton of dough, and finally got to the point where we believe it will succeed and do it." He added.

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